Review: Chris & Sharon Harman, Saughall

Great design, excellent planning and workmanship, delivered on time and within agreed budget – what more could you want from a major Kitchen project.

We spent a lot of time looking for the right kitchen design and from the first moment we met Julie at De Novo we knew we were dealing with a professional who quickly grasped our vision and brought our ideas to life. The whole design experience was great and the ease at making adjustments meant we could try out numerous ideas.

Rick then came round to measure up and when he saw the existing kitchen and utility room he soon had a better idea which completely transformed the first impression of our kitchen. Julie adapted the design and within a few days we had our vision – the kitchen we had always wanted.

De Novo were completely transparent and flexible sharing details of suppliers and allowing us to provide appliances if we could source them cheaper – (though on some items we wish we had let De Novo have the issues with late and damaged deliveries).

The project plan that Rick produced had everything mapped out to finish within 3 weeks of the start. From the first day when the old kitchen was ripped out, through the seamless transition from joiners to electricians to plasterers, tilers and plumbers the job went like clock work. If only my deliveries had arrived then Rick’s project planned completion date would have been met.

And what about the finished kitchen – It looks fantastic, it is functional and we love it.